Horizontal micron grade sander NHE series


Horizontal nano grinding machine

NNM series

Technical characteristics

Grinding machine for grinding to nanometer level

Design of rod pin grinding shaft

Batch, cycle grinding, easy to operate

Large circulation flow and high efficiency

Dynamic separator is used in the separation system, and 0.1 mm grinding beads can be used

The grinding cylinder can be double cooling system, which can be forced cooling, suitable for grinding heat sensitive materials

Imported double face mechanical seal with forced cooling

The grinding fineness is good, the particle size distribution is narrow, and the grinding fineness D50 ≤ 30nm

design principle

Novartis NNM nano sand mill adopts double end face mechanical seal and grinding medium. The material enters the grinding chamber from the top of the feed pump. In the strong grinding process, the rod pin and stator continuously and violently impact the grinding medium. The grinding medium acts on the material again, and the material is fully ground. At the discharge port, due to different density, the grinding medium returns to the grinding chamber, but the material flows out of the grinding chamber through the gap separator under the pressure of the feed pump. The large flow and cyclic operation mode ensures the short residence time of the material in the grinding chamber and passes through for many times, so as to obtain the particle size distribution of nanometer products.

electric machineryLDC separatorGrinding plateInner bushingFeed pumpElectric control panel
explosion-proofMetalWear resistant steelWear resistant steelDiaphragm pumpordinary
Explosion proof frequency conversionceramicsceramics polyurethane Special wear resistant steelceramics polyurethane Silicon nitride Special wear resistant steelPeristaltic pump Gear pumpexplosion-proof frequency conversion

technical parameter

NNM seriesHorizontal bar pin nano grinding machine
Cylinder volume L6102562150
Batch processing50-250100-1000500-2000≥1000≥2000
Power kw15223770-90160
Speed rpm600-1800700-1300700-1000500-600500-600
Efficiency kg/h100-500250-1000500-25001000-60002000-15000
Length mm11301400185022002900
Vvidth mm70085095010001220
Highly mm11601550180022502620
Weight kg6001300200035006800

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